KPSA somanet provides an online marketing platform to schools by creating a viable solution to the persistent problem of access to school information. Parents and any interested party need information that is reliable and accessible round the clock. KPSAsomanet therefore provides a balanced information platform to every head teacher, parent and student to help resolve question such as:


How can I access information about the specific school I wish to attend?


How can I access quick and reliable information about the school of my choice for my child?


How can I effectively reach the parents and students who are looking for a school such ours?


KPSA somanet provides the following capabilities

Enhanced search capabilities

KPSA somanet has bridged the information gap when it comes to getting details about a school. It has been developed to eradicate the reliance on word-of-mouth information, which in many cases contains biased and/or unbalanced opinions. KPSAsomanet provides a balanced information platform to every parents and students.

Select a school

Search results will give a range of schools meeting the search criteria, from which candidates can identify and select desired schools.

Apply to a school

Candidates can also apply for admissions to the institutions and give information on scores attained. Admissions Office can approve instant Provisional Acceptance to qualifying candidates through the system. Acceptance letters for qualifying candidates can be printed and downloaded by the candidates for further action.

KPSA portals

KPSA somanet provides a platform for suppliers to be sought out by schools interested in purchasing various commodities. There is also the exam portal which can provide students with learning materials and all types of relevant content that will be sure to assist them in their education. Schools that need exams can also order for them via the exam portal.

Monitor your school

KPSA somanet has the potential to provide schools with the ability to monitor some of the activity happening on the site in regards to their school. The account manager on somanet can get reports on click rates, click trends and contact details of applicants right on their phones

Maximum exposure

KPSA somanet provides high visibility to institutions all year round at costs as low as 54/= per day, quick access of institution’s information to potential applicants and annual reports on cost-effectiveness (statistical impact) of the marketing cost.

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