Our Vision

To be a recognized representative body of private providers of education in Kenya and beyond.

Our Mission

To Sustainably co-ordinate, mobilize and regulate all private institutions of learning in order to provide holistic and relevant quality education for all in tandem with the country’s vision 2030.

Our Goal

Provide alternative quality and holistic education in Kenya and the Africa region.

Brief History

The Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA) was founded in 1994 by visionary owners in the then well-established private schools in Nairobi and other parts of the country. Currently the association is represented in 38 county branches across the country

Our Objectives

To be the natural representative body and voice of private education in Kenya.

To liaise with relevant Government ministries and departments on matters affecting Education provision in the country.

To promote the establishment growth and good management of private schools by provision of useful and relevant information.

To provide an interactive and constructive forum for investors in education were they network, bench mark, share experiences and best management practices in Education

Management and Leadership Structure


It is the top most decision making organ of the association composed of all members that meet yearly as per its rules and regulations. It elects the national officials of the association.

National Executive Committee (NEC)

This is composed of the National Chairman and five other office bearers elected by members in an annual general meeting.

National Committee (NC)

This is composed of the NEC and the chairpersons of all our county branches across the country whose role is to advise the NEC on issues affecting the private sector from across the regions.

Sub County Committee(SBC)

Composed of members selected at the county level.

The day to day operations of the association is managed by the National secretariat based in Bekim house Westlands, Nairobi and assisted by regional representatives in different regional offices across the country.


The association has management to positively influence the key Education policy and statutory framework affecting basic Education in Kenya. This includes;

  • The Basic Education Act.
  • The TSC act.
  • The KICD act.
  • The KNEC act.
  • Sessional policy no. 14 of 2012.

The association represents private schools in all the county education boards across the country.

The association has managed to establish an engagement structure with the government through the various Public Private Sector Dialogue forums.


Some of the major activities organized by the association include;

1. Training and capacity development


  • Curriculum management.
  • Financial management.
  • Human resource management.
  • Strategic and Business plan development and implementation.

Head teachers and teachers

  • Curriculum management and implementation.
  • Effective teaching.
  • Time management.
  • Evaluation and assessment.
  • Performance review.

2. Common Examination

KPSA has examinations for both primary and secondary schools organized on a termly basis i.e. Primary- mid-term and end term while for secondary we have end term exams.

3. Educational exhibitors and conferences

The association organizes exhibitions and conferences where private schools exhibit the quality education they provide and give an opportunity to the students and parents to have easy access and admission to the schools.

4. Human resource database

To address the demand for human resource in private schools, the association provides a list of qualified staff for consideration.

5. Educational trips and tours

Both local and international tours are organized to visit institutions of learning for bench marking, sharing of experiences and best practices in the provision of education.

6. Co-curriculum

Holistic quality education demands that a child be exposed to co-curricular activities .thus the association organizes sessions where schools participate in joint co-curricular activities like sports, drama and music.

7. Educational partnerships

To further promote innovative options for the financing of private education, the association negotiates for preferential terms of services and products for the private schools through partnerships with major service and goods suppliers