Akima Springs Junior School- Kindergarten

Nairobi Region • Nairobi County


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Brief Description

Akima Springs Junior School is located along the Northern Bypass, Thome Estate, Mukuyu Avenue/Githima Crescent.  The school is based on a christian foundation where each day starts with devotion.

  • Transport - School Transport is available for your child with our clean, comfortable buses that cover numerous routes within a 10 km radius. We have two buses and a van that are used for school transport.(Kiambu,Membley,Thindigua,Kiambu Road)
  • Boarding Facilities - The school is mixed day and boarding but the boarders are strictly from std 4 - 8. Currently the boarding facilities can comfortably serve 100 pupils.
  • Playing Field- Akima school has a playing field where children enjoy all sorts of games

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