Hope for Life Academy

Coast Region • Kilifi County


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Hope For Life Academy
P.O.Box c/o 351-80108
Kilifi Kenya
Mobile no:0724-811611/0718670559

About us
Hope for Life Academy
Roka-Maweni -Kilifi North
Kilifi County
The Hope for Life Academy is non-profit business being under the community
Has 5 acres property with no building ,owned:
Currently  Rental and volunteer housing for the children both infants and toddlers, offices.
An upcoming medical center for children
This is home to the infants and younger children below ten (10) years.
1. Rescue mission
2. Christian School
Hope For Life Christian School, which opens its doors at Roka in 2018, enables Hope For Life to strengthen the Kilifi Community through teaching their children from a Christ centered perspective while using the Kenyan Education System.  We are overjoyed at our continued growth.
Providing quality education is part of the 3-fold ministry of Hope For Life Children's Home. The school will be committed to equip the children in a holistic way so that they can become people of substance in the society and workmen that need not be ashamed, advancing the kingdom of God in their generation. At inception Hope For Life would build the large Multi-purpose room that serves as a church on Sundays, would be turned to a classroom during the week. The facilities have to grow to classrooms in future, including a Special Unit for needy children that  will learn differently.
As part of the Exit Strategy, Hope For Life aims to provide the abandoned and vulnerable children with quality holistic education, both at the primary level and high school, and later on some skills training for employment upon leaving Hope For  Life Chilsren's Home. The school will continue to grow and in future will have an appropriate sports field for the children as well as a school library. Given that 94% of the students won't be  paying school fees, the school will be relying on funds from the Home itself or from friends and partners who choose to sponsor individual children on a regular basis. The school would greatly benefit from donations for textbooks, writing books, stationery, uniforms as well as desks and chairs. 
3. Medical Care
With quality and reliable medical care in Kenya being too expensive for most ordinary Kenyans, the Hope For Life ‘Medical Care’ ministry is such a miracle!  The medical center will not only serve the children at Hope For Life but will also extend subsidized pediatric services to the community children around Kilifi ,Ganze and Malindi. The vision is to have the construction completed by end of 2020.  What a blessing to the children and people of Kilifi!  
We invite you to partner with us to make our calls from God come through  and equip this medical facility as well as providing the drugs and other medical supplies necessary to make this vision a reality.

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