KPSAsomanet is an online platform that provides schools with viable solutions via technology. Feel free to interact with our products and enjoy the power of technology in education.


KPSAsomanet offers the following benefits

Benefit 1

We market schools over broadcast media, print media, and social media

Benefit 2

Schools get a chance to be featured on the homepage of the KPSA website

Benefit 3

Schools get to enjoy being viewed by people in the country and all over the world

Benefit 4

It becomes easy for people to get information about a particular school of choice

Benefit 5

Schools are able to get full details including contact details of anyone who applies to the institution for admission

Benefit 6

Schools are able to interact with the KPSA Head Office over a convenient and easy to use online chat room

Benefit 7

Schools are able to shop for suppliers of school commodities on Supply-Us, an online platform supported by KPSAsomanet.

Benefit 8

Schools are able to shop for teachers on the teachers' portal, an online platform where teachers looking for jobs post their CVs.

Our Products

KPSAsomanet offers the following products

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