Eastern Region • Makueni County • Makueni Sub County Mixed Day and Boarding school Curriculum: 8-4-4/2-6-6-3

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The Messengers of Peace and reconciliation are the legal owners of the institution, they are committed to deepen and propagate the teachings of  Reconciliation, Justice and Peace.

Calosci Home of the Vunerable children and a Primary School is one of the projects of these agents of Peace and Reconciliation. The School was founded in 2014. Before this date it was a Vocational training Centre.





It is a Faith based primary School (Christian) with an aim  of giving a holistic formation of the pupils. Our Core Values are expressed in our School Anthem given below which we sing every Monday and Friday after the National Anthem during Parade.

Calosci has qualified teachers and other support staff.  2018 Calosci will be having pre-school to class seven. The School is mixed boys and girls, boarding and day. Our Boarding facilities are up to standard.  We have balanced diet and enough water for the Pupils. We have a brand new School bus to pick the pupils from different points every morning to the School and return them in the evenings. The bus also helps during the educational tours to different destinations of our country.

The teachers are committed, professional and above all they love the children and their work.

We are committed to implement the new curriculum and to have digital equipment installed in the classes to enhance this end.

We have the necessary text books and often we supply the pupil with free writing materials etc.

OUR VISSION: To sacrifice and offer quality education for all.

MESSENGERS OF PEACE AND RECONCILIATION are working hard daily to try and answer the question; HOW CAN WE LIVE AS HUMAN BEINGS IN THE WOLRD? This is the ethical question to which every age requires an answer. The times we live in, especially in our country, with many forms of social and structural violence and injustice we face, gives the question and attempts to answer it in a special urgency. One way the Agents of peace and reconciliation have found is to provide education to as many poor and orphaned children as possible.

To be able to implement this mission we have over 50 orphaned and poor children among the 130 children (2018 January) who have been given full scholarship through the sacrifice of the owners  of the School and their partners .

The children who stay in the home of the children have been carefully selected with the recommendation from their area chief and their former schools, the school promotes  equity, i.e to provide quality education not only for the children who come from rich background but also those who come from humble families. This is the uniqueness of our School. It is not a profit making School but an institution aimed at transforming the Society through offering of quality education. We receive volunteers from other parts of the world annually who help us to open the pupils to different cultures and this opens the horizons of the young ones. 2016, we recived 10 Volunteers from Mexico, 2017 we received 8 volunteers from Mexico, 2018 we are expecting 17 volunteers from Mexico. The aim is also to help the children develop their talents and competencies through the outdoor activities which they are doing with these volunteers. This is in line with the new curriculum which is not just stressing cramming but more participation of the pupil to identify the talents as we begin to implement the 2-3-3 system of education.

 Knowledge for Peace

We look at that time when our people in Kenya will be  having that knowledge which will consequently bear fruit in Peaceful cohabitation among all the 43 tribes and beyond. When you have what you need for the soul, the mind and the body taken care then you are in Peace. The lack of Peace and Reconciliation in some parts of our country (region) is because of ignorance, poverty and greed. Two of the children in the School who are given bursary by the owners of the School come from  the war torn South Sudan. Our country of Kenya needs a lot of agents of Peace and Reconciliation so that we can get healed. The pupils and the teachers in Calosci are not only given information based on the academic excellence but also formation which will help them to become instruments of Peace and Reconciliation. That is why conflict resolutions procedures in the School for both the staff and the pupils are followed very keenly. This is another uniqueness of our School that all are collaborating as a Family and prayer has become part of our daily time table. Before ascending to heaven Our Lord Jesus Christ told his apostles “I LEAVE YOU PEACE, MY PEACE I GIVE YOU”  John 14:27

POSTIVE ATTITUDE OF THE TEACHERS: The teachers of Calosci are given thorough induction, which enables them to have positive attitude and passion of their work. They are aware that the pupil is the most important person in the school. The parents are taken as very important clients and stakeholders of the School. This has helped the teaching staff to offer their services especially in teaching in their respective classes with a lot of dedication.

LANGUAGE: The language in the compound is English or Swahili. We don’t encourage   mother tongue for our children come from different tribes, different backgrounds, nationalities and the studies are in English.

HIGH QUALITY TEACHING, EQUIPEMENT/FACILITIES  AT AFFORDABLE PRICES: With the help of the above mentioned partners, Calosci has facilities for the borders and day pupils at a very low price compared to other boarding schools: So apart from the orphans and the poor children whom  the messengers of Peace support them financially or look for sponsors, we have welcomed in the School other few children who are able to pay something small to supplement the poor children.  It was not very health to keep the poor and the orphaned children by themselves so we have allowed some few children from some able families who pay for the facilities when they use them and these helps alot.


-TO equip the young children less than 14 years old especially from poor backgrounds with relevant basic primary education, and giving hope to the children who could not otherwise go to school.

- To offer the orphaned and poor children guidance and counselling

-To support children with basic medical care and provide shelter for the homeless

-To nurture the talents found in this children, promote co-curriculum activities among the children as drama, singing etc.


1.     EDUCATION FOR PEACE is our mission, to be the agents of peace for our nation:

Messengers of peace and reconciliation remain together in conflict resolutions.


            We treasure Love, we treasure Patience,

            We treasure Kindness to be true to our mission:

            To be one in prayer is our daily course,

Remain together in conflict resolutions.


2.     EDUCATION FOR PEACE is our mission, we sacrifice to offer quality education:

Our Principles we honor for perfection, to every one we offer excellence.


3.     EDUCATION FOR PEACE is our mission, we all belong to God of all creation:

To educate all the needy is our mission, we sacrifice to meet our goals.



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» Our class seven 2018 is the top class in the School. 2019 we will have the first National Examination!

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