Central Region • Nyandarua County • Ol Jorok Sub County Girls Boarding school Curriculum: 8-4-4/2-6-6-3

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Rock view high school is located in Nyandarua County, 1km from Ol-Jororok Town. We offer 8-4-4 system of education following guidelines set by the Ministry of Education. At the end of four years, our girls sit the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations. ROCK VIEW HIGH SCHOOL is a middle cost girl’s boarding school offering quality education to girls whose aim is nothing but excellence.

This school is founded on strong Christian doctrine and enhances inter- Christian faith teachings. Rock view School has dedicated itself to providing quality and holistic education that has led to its recognition as one of the finest institutions in Kenya.

We endeavors to develop intellectually capable young people with creative minds, healthy bodies, and ethical spirits needed to contribute wisdom, compassion, and leadership to Kenya and the rest of the world.

We boast of:

  • Excellent learning facilities
  • A dedicated team of qualified teachers and support staff
  • Solid school programmes geared towards empowering our students
  • Superb KCSE results
  • Nutritious and wholesome meals
  • Well-equipped, spacious and hygienic boarding facilities.
  • A variety of co-curricular activities to ensure holistic development of our students
  • A culturally diverse student population

Give us Your Girl and We Shall Give you a University product
We promise to give quality service to students’ expectations, consistency and quality Education. Our Policy is to ensure that students are passing their examinations and developing into all rounded individuals.
We provide students with forums to develop their ideas, through observation and practice, thus reinforcing “Adult behavior” To achieve this we initiate a partnership between teachers, parents and students.
We have a continuous value adding programmes in the school, which are integrated in our curriculum, to the benefit of our students.

We are very serious in the training of the mind and character to facilitate our students in making reasonable and rational decisions. This in turn leads to responsibility, obedience, self-control and the development of an attitude of co-operation and being answerable to one’s behaviors and actions.

As a school, we empower the girls who have not yet discovered their abilities to realize the “A” potential in them, by addressing previous and current personality issues. We are doing it, have done it before and promise to continue doing it to exceed parents and students’ expectations.
As a school, we emphasize on mental, psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Those who have benefited from this institution have no regrets. Instead, they only recommend the good work done by the entire administration through their passion, commitment and focused attitude towards the spirit of ensuring girls pass in National Examination.


1.      We believe that every student can learn and that all can master a challenging curriculum, despite the situations they are in, be it within their personality or their background.

As teachers, we recognize individual learner differences and adjust practice accordingly, through necessary indoctrination

2.      As teachers, we endeavor to understand how students develop and respond to different situations, which is an aspect that enables us manage them effectively and see to it that they succeed.

3.      Our teachers endeavor to have both formative and summative evaluation in a bid to see to it that the students are tested on their proficiency and comprehension in all the areas of education.

4.      Teachers encourage healthy competition, which is meant to encourage students help each other in their work.

5.      The school administration foster a positive school environment in which students and staff feel valued and students are challenged to grow academically.

The school and its physical environment are safe, welcoming and conducive to learning.
We have built a culture of trust and respect at all levels of the school community.


One of the most important strength in academic excellence is putting God first in all we do as a school.

We believe putting God first is to be obedience to the instructions of His Word.

As a school, we recognize God’s Authority and His Word, and submission of our students to

Ø  God’s authority and His desires to be what He wants them to be.

Ø  Students find Joy in obedience to their parents, teachers and any other authority.

Ø  We strongly believe that for a student to excel academically, he must put God first in his life.

Ø  The Bible states “But seek first His Kingdom, and His righteousness and all these things will be Added to you as well. (Mathew 6:33).

Ø  The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. (Proverbs 1:7).

Ø  We encourage the boys to commit their souls, bodies, mind and studies to God as a living sacrifice

Welcome to our Great school! Contact: 0735 528 013

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